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A Blockchain Audit Application

RoleCreative Manager & Lead Designer

My Responsibilities: 

  • UX Design: create the entire wireframe and stablish the workflow of the application.

  • UI Design: Design the front-end of the application.

  • Manage a group of 6 employees — destribution of the workload. Also responsible to oversee the creative & engineer team tasks.

  • Lead weekly meetings with all coworkers & freelancers from each project;

  • Present regular reports to our CEO & CFO, detailing gain-loss & achievements in each stage of the project development.

  • Work with stakeholders, leading conference calls, demos, & presentations to clients, developers, and testers.

71 Check is a blockchain audit web application specifically designed for the government of Canada and Canadian manufacturing companies. It aims to provide a reliable and secure platform for these organizations to manage and track the submission of important documents and forms.

One of the key features of 71 Check is its ability to identify and flag submission errors in real time. This helps the government to ensure that all submissions are accurate and complete, which can save time and resources in the long run. Additionally, 71 Check provides tools and features for managing and tracking the submission process, including alerts for upcoming deadlines and notifications when new submissions are received.

In addition to its practical uses, 71 Check is also designed to be an efficient and user-friendly platform. It streamlines the submission process by providing an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, which can help manufacturers save time and reduce the risk of errors. Overall, 71 Check is a valuable resource for the government of Canada and Canadian manufacturing companies, as it helps to ensure the accuracy and integrity of their submissions while also improving the efficiency of the process.


Check out the paper I wrote to our client (Environment Canada Agency) explaining the framework and user flow in place and to introduce the Blockchain Technology used on this application.

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User Research

User research was conducted to understand the needs and pain points of the target users of 71 Check, which included the government of Canada and Canadian manufacturing companies. A variety of research methods were employed, including user interviews, surveys, and usability testing.

Wireframing & Design

During this phase, I worked with a senior engineer and received feedback from peers and stakeholders to inform the design of the application. I also conducted research on usability and functions to implement in the application, and defined all the different user flows for each step of the process.

Usability Testing

The objective of this usability testing is to evaluate the user experience of 71 Check, a blockchain audit web application designed for the government of Canada and Canadian manufacturing companies. We aim to identify any issues or problems that users may encounter when using the app, and gather feedback on how to improve the overall user experience.

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